Adam Pitriadin, S.H.,M.H

Adam Pitriadin, S.H.,M.H

Advocate, Receiver & Administrator

Mr. ADAM PITRIADIN (“ADAM”) complete his bachelor and master of law degree from Trisakti University. As a Partner of this law office, he focused on complex individual and corporate reorganisations. During such time, Mr. ADAM has accumulated experience in a broad range of complex commercial disputes and regularly advises multinational companies.

Since joining CHR , Mr ADAM has been gravitated himself into commercial dispute resolution sectors and primarily focused on the bankruptcy and restructuring field. His practice involves the representation of the debtors or creditors’, individual and company, in the negotiation and execution of complex business transaction and restructuring. Mr. ADAM is a Receiver of Bankruptcy & Administrator of Suspension of Debt Payment.

In addition to his experience during his tenure at one of the prominent firm in Jakarta, he had an extensive experience in handling several current and emerging telecommunications companies, internet service providers, content and technology transactions, and also representing numerous startup companies.

Aside from his day-to-day life as an attorney, Mr. ADAM is an amateur golfer and have compete in several minor tournament held by advocate organisation and university alumni association.

Bachelor of Law
Trisakti University (USAKTI)

Magister of Law
Trisakti University (USAKTI)

Professional Affiliations

Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI)
Asosiasi Kurator dan Pengurus Indonesia (AKPI)


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